Chrysalis Modular Holster & Hip Belt | Custom Order

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Transformation will occur! By far our most complex design to date, the Women’s Modular Chrysalis Holster is a beautiful unique piece of highly functional wearable art. For years we were asked when we’d begin making a hip belt or a holster and for years we replied, “as soon as a design that is like no other design comes through”. We had decided we'd create a holster that could transform into a hip belt, making it more multipurpose, but more importantly we wanted it to look like no one elses holsters and hip belts. After months of design time, prototype after prototype, we had something amazing occur. Our final design not only transforms from holster to hip belt, but has up to 10 modulations (more according to a few customers!) that is true design magic! And we are so incredibly proud of its beauty, from the delicate art engraved/detail stitched wings which are detachable, to our signature scalloping, to the chrysalis inspired shaped piecework pockets, to the painstakingly precise stitch detail on the pockets and of course the holster straps themselves that allow this design to be so versatile. All our items are made with our loving hands, in our home art studio located in Santa Cruz, CA. We guarantee all our work. These holsters fit size Small to Large, for XS or XL, please email us for a custom order.