Corvidae Modular Holster & Hip Belt | Custom Order

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Leather Colors:

A few samples of leather color options can be found in the product images. If you are looking for something very specific feel free to place and order and we will do our best to accommodate your desires!

Hardware Colors:

Silver and Tarnished Brass are the two colors we offer for metal hardware and adornments.

After the design feat that is the Women's Chrysalis Holster, we thought the Corvidae Holster might be a bit simpler in design, however that was not to be the case! By far one of our most complex designs! Though originally designed for men, many women have purchased and now rock this epic piece. It took quite some time for this design to come through as we patiently awaited and worked with the visionary downloads. Additionally, we received a plethora of feedback from customers, about what they wanted to see in a holster. We were not planning on having this holster be as modular, but when all was said and done, it is complete with 3 modulations; Holster, Bandolero & of course Hip Belt mode. We've aptly named this complex design the Corvidae, as the wings in the back are inspired by the Raven. Pictures of the different modes can be seen in the product images.

We are still stunned by the brilliant effect the lattice work filigree imparts upon the holster straps, definitely setting this holster apart from the rest. Chain and hook in the front keep this holster nice and secure, as do the the powerful raven wings across the back shoulder blades, which stop the holster from swinging forward when you bend over. The Elven piecework pockets will fit all size phones (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with case ad iPhone 6 Plus) and wallets. It also rocks a credit card slot in each pocket, as well as outside zipper pocket. Pockets close with 2 strong magnets preventing it from accidentally opening. This holster is several layers of leather, making it strong enough to hold up to the harshest environments, ie. The Playa. An incredibly functional and versatile piece of wearable art.

All our items are made with our loving hands, in our home art studio in California. We guarantee all our work. These holsters are designed to be one size fits all as the carabiners at the ends of the straps allow for length adjustment.