Brown Sassafras Fedora | Limited Edition I

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You asked for it and we've created it. The Fedora is a classic hat design that most people identify with the roaring 1920's. People often believe this hat to be a men's hat, associating it with gangster's, prohibition, Al Capone and the like. Ironically the Fedora debuted in 1882 as a women's hat, made famous by a theatrical production! Whether you connect with the swanky male-centric 1920's Fedora with its snazzy je ne sais quoi or the 1882 women's liberation vibe, the Astral Chrysalis redesign of this classic is sure to please, we've aptly named our design "The Sassafras." As always, handcrafted in our art studio with original filigree and original art engraved leather. Always one of a kind!