1940's Vintage Leslie James | Black Hand Beaded Felt Pillbox Hat

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VINTAGE BRAND~ Leslie James Trade Mark, Robinson's California (1940's milliner)

SIZE~Size label says 22 1/2" head circumference

MATERIALS~Felt Wool & Beading


HAT STYLE~An ultra classy cocktail hat in a Pillbox Style that comes to a point at the forehead! Black felt that has been intricately hand beaded with tiny little black beads. It has 2 combs sewn onto the inside of each side of the hat, making it easy to secure to the head! Super swanky!

Originally I purchased this hat with the intention of upcycling it, but when the moment came I realized it is absolutely perfect the way it is!! Truly a gorgeous piece!

CONDITION~ Pristine vintage condition! 


Back in the day when we were known as the fledgling leather craft business Feathery Leathery, we made mostly wet-shaped masks. It was the skill my partner Aurelius knew best and it was integral in where we began. I, on the other hand, have always been obsessed with hats, vintage and otherwise. In our humble beginnings, long before we began creating our own original hat patterns, I started by creating upcycled hat magic. Embellishing vintage/used hats with stenciled art detail, handcrafted leather adornments, feathers, silk flowers and more. I haven't made any of these in years, but recently we've had requests. So here you go, back to our roots!