Mini Witchy Poo Hat | Gold, Pink & Moss

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I know lots of folks love the mini top hat, but it just doesn't speak to me the way a Lil' Witchy Poo Hat does!! Thus presenting the ridiculously cute, spunky & funky, feathery & leathery Lil' Witch Hat! Also ironically reminiscent of the Harry Potter sorting hat~who knew!! Adorned with a Silk Flower made by none other than Firebird Faerie Couture!

These cuties are One Size Fits All, easy to wear, featherlight & super comfortable. Plus they work with ALL hair types~woot that was an accomplishment!! Each hat has a comfortable fabric/elastic headband sewn into it, making it a breeze to wear and adjustable so you can situate the hat wherever you would like upon your head. I personally like to wear mine off to one side and pulled forward a bit over my forehead.