S/M CORSET CUFF SET~ Hot Pink Leather (!) Black Edging, Black & Pink Lace, Silver Grommets, Black Velvet Lacing, Wire Boning

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We call this awesome design the Corset Cuff, altho we've heard them referred to as Wrist Cuffs and Gauntlets. Whatever you want to call them is fine, as you long as you agree that they are super badass sexy awesome!! 

This pair is a Hot Pink Leather, matching Black & Pink patterned lace, Black leather edging, Silver Grommets and Black Velvet Lacing. These cuffs have a flexible, but strong wire boning sewn into the seam next to the grommets. This boning allows for structural support of the leather, as well as the wrist and foream! This boning allows one to stylize the way the cuffs frame the hand. Our size S/M fits 90% of people, see exact measurements below. We also offer a custom order for a size M/L and L/XL.  

SIZE~S/M, Wrist circumference at smallest measurement is 5 3/4" with the ability to expand up to 7 1/4". Forearm circumference at smallest measurement is 8 3/4" with the ability to expand up 10 3/4"