Daunting & Dapper | Brown | Limited Edition I

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Originally inspired by our original top hat design, The Firefly, the Daunting & Dapper is to be worn either by the strong independent women who tend to look especially daunting or by witty charming men who tend to look quite dapper! Truly, this hat looks great on most everyone, being one of our top sellers.

The unique design of these hats draws inspiration from the past 100 years or more of varying top hat styles. Aurelius, our incredibly genius mad hatter, gets full credit for the ever-evolving pattern of this hat, with its incredible filigree, art engraved detail, customizable wire-lined brim and comfortable wear.

The corseting is fashion with a function at its best, making it adjustable to a range of head sizes. Once you have the corseting adjusted to your head size the lacing can be trimmed and tied on the inside of the hat to appear 100% decorative.