Edulis Elven Aviator Cap | Burgundy & Black Leather with Rabbit Fur Trim

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HAT STYLE~The Edulis Elven Aviator Cap, see design notes below to learn more about the creation of this NEW design.

SIZE~This hat is a size MThis hat will fit a head circumference of 22-22.50".

MATERIALS~Leather exterior and fully lined cloth interior from upcycled fabric samples. Copper wire, thread and tarnished brass rivets.

DETAILS~ The main leather for this cap is a Burgundy Leather and the accent leather is a Black Floral Embossed leather. You can see the Black leather underlaid beneath the filigree of the wings at each side, then again on the symmetrical brim and also at the back of the neck where there is a decorative strip inlaid with wire that coils into a curl. The wings have our gorgeous art engraved onto them and a hidden wire sewn into the wings making it possible to custom shape them around the ears and framing the face.  Thread color and stitch detail on the wings is black. To complete this hat it is lined with Burgundy Rabbit Fur Trim along the neck and forehead for extra comfort and warmth.


"Edulis" is latin for "King." Our inspiration to create these stylized Elven Aviator Caps came from many sources, but the two most informative influences came from pictures of the ancient Roman Galea Helmet and the Mirkwood Elf Guard from the Hobbit films. After many many drawings from both Aurelius and I, we created the pattern for the male version first, and named it the Edulis. As we tried on the 1st prototypes of the Edulis, my drawings began to inform the ways in which we would adapt the pattern to create a more feminine aviator cap. On the Aereus cap the leaves on each side are slightly smaller and more delicately shaped in the way the face is framed. Additionally, the front bill that folds up is swooping and asymmetrical. Whereas the mens cap has larger wings on each side, rather than leaves. With the fold up bill being more angular and symmetrical. Both caps are complete with gorgeous stitch work, intricate filigree and art engraved detail, which create that unmistakeable Elven poise. The stylization of these two NEW designs is no less than striking with so many intentional eye catching details.

Original patterns and art, always.

The Aereus Cap comes in 5 size options: XS, S, M, L, XL please see our other listings for more size options.