The Reveille | Dark Burgundy Leather & Filigree Crown Embellishment

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HAT STYLE~The Reveille, see design notes below to learn more about the creation of this unique design.

SIZE~This hat is a size S/M, each individual Reveille vary's slightly in size due to the various weight/thickness of the leathers used. This hat will fit a head circumference of 21.5-22" and comes in a lightweight leather.

DETAILS~ This lovely Reveille is a Solid Dark Burgundy Leater with a matching leather Filigree overlay on the crown of the hat and Golden Brown thread. It has a strong Copper Wire sewn into the brim which allows the curls both front and back. This wire is what allows it to easily shape and reshape to your individual head. I left this hat sans feathers and vintage pins, so you can add your very own favorite embellishments to it. Or just wear it how it is!

HOW TO WEAR~This is a jaunty style hat~designed to be worn off to one side of the head, down a bit over the forehead, as seen modelled in the pictures. Please note they do not fit properly if placed squarely atop the head. 


The “Reveille” is the wake up call the bugle boy plays at the break of dawn and this unique hat design took inspiration from the 1940’s women’s air force caps. Think, “Andrew Sisters and the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!” Then add just the right amount of magic with lovely delicate scalloping, multimedia combinations of leather, silk velvet or Nuno. Complete with detailed stitch work, intricate filigree and art engraved detail. This Reveille even comes with a re-shapeable wire brim for curls both front and back, making it a breeze to pack in your suitcase for travel. Lastly add unique pin~button~feather embellishments to create that unmistakeable Elven poise. 

Original patterns and art, always.

The Reveille hat comes in 3 size options: XS/S, S/M, M/L, please see our other listings for more size options.